Foundation Description


Wasatch Warm Springs Wellness Foundation has been created for the purpose of preserving and therapeutically benefitting from natural warm springs located in Midway, Utah. The foundation is a nonprofit corporation registered with the State of Utah with an Internal Revenue Service designation as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The mission of the Wellness Foundation is to preserve community hot springs pools, create a treatment facility for people with chronic health conditions and disease, and protect open space for wildlife. Both the need to restore access to the hot springs water for its therapeutic and recreational benefits and the need for progressive solutions to the epidemic of chronic disease are the focuses of the Wellness Foundation.

The foundation will establish a unique healthcare facility with the goal of providing a framework for people with chronic disease to explore assorted mind-body-spirit approaches and draw on integrative healthcare methods to address their health conditions.


Personalized care by a team of practitioners, bringing together a variety of approaches, will be provided. The team will take the time necessary for comprehensive treatment and preventative care and provide training and education regarding conditions, lifestyle changes, and general well-being of patients and guests. The healthcare team of each individual would consist of a small group of practitioners drawing from medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, physical therapists, acupuncturist/oriental medicine practitioners, counselors, naturopath-homeopaths, chiropractors and Ayurvedic practitioners. People seeking treatment will work with a health counselor to determine their options and choose their team, depending on their condition and interests. Other service providers will be nutritionists, massage therapists, tai-chi and yoga instructors, and various teachers and instructors. This facility will serve to explore new methods of healthcare delivery, integration and efficacy. A hippotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding) program will be developed within the first few years.


In Phase I, the facility will include warm mineral spring pools open to the community and a healthcare center. One potential site is an existing historic resort. The resort’s buildings will ideally be rebuilt in their existing footprints. Potentially, Phase II can incorporate accommodations and meal service for 23 patients, increasing to 70 patients at the end of Phase III. The facility will also accommodate people who simply want to relax and rejuvenate. A treatment center will offer synergistic healthcare (holistic integration of complimentary and conventional healthcare) and mineral pools for patients. Exercise space, conference rooms for educational gatherings, therapeutic horseback riding and other complementary services will complete the facility. This proposal focuses on a particular property, but other hot springs properties are in the area that it could be adapted to.


Services and amenities will be extended to the local community, yet the facility will be a regional and national destination for residential integrative healthcare services. We are currently seeking funding for land purchase, capital improvements and facility development.


The Location


Midway and the proposed possible sites of the facility are located in the picturesque Heber Valley, northeast of Mt. Timpanogos, within an hour drive of the Salt Lake City International Airport and 20 minutes from Park City. The existing resort sits on a78-acre site that is teeming with natural hot mineral springs that have been used for healing purposes for many generations. It has been operated as Mountain Spaa since the 1940s, and prior to that, Luke’s Hot Pots, open to the public since 1875.

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